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The life of each pet should be treated with great respect


NeighborhoodVet can provide you with ethical and high quality after care for your pet. We now work with Peaceful Waters Aquamation to offer aquamation services to our clients. It is the most gentle and environmentally thoughtful way to give the ash of a beloved pet back to a client. It is an advanced technology that combines warm water and alkali to mimic the natural decomposition that occurs after burial. 

We believe that the life of each pet should be treated with great respect. That is why we offer aquamation. All after care services can be tailored to your specific wishes and needs. We offer both private and communal cremation services. A positive identification system ensures that your pets remains can be uniquely identified throughout the entire process. If you choose to have your pets ashes returned to you, we will make you a mold of your pets paw print as well as offer a vast selection of personalized urns.

A concierge type health care program you can trust. Contact Neighborhood Vet today at 858-249-8707 to learn more.

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