Palliative Care Consultation

You & The Veterinarian Will Come Up With a Treatment Plan That Will Best Support Your Pet

Veterinary palliative medicine (aka pet hospice care) is a philosophy of care in which a decision has been made to stop the pursuit of curative therapy for a pet's illness. Palliative care is supportive treatment that focuses on pain management, reduction of anxiety, and treatment of symptoms associated with life-limiting disease. This service involves an in-home visit from one of our veterinarians who will take an extensive history, review your pet’s previous medical records (if available), and perform a physical exam.

What makes our palliative care services truly unique is our veterinarians’ approach to every pet from a “whole health” perspective, taking into consideration not only their physical health, but also their mental and emotional wellbeing. Additionally, we recognize that every pet family is unique, and thus we will always work with you as a team to assess your pet’s quality of life and create a treatment plan that best supports you and your pet’s needs.

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