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When you are seeking palliative/hospice care and/or long-term pain management for your pet, a thorough physical exam is essential for your veterinarian to assess their overall health. Veterinarians are specially trained to detect even subtle ailments in your beloved companion. Since pets can’t tell us in words how they are feeling or where it hurts, the veterinarian’s physical exam is crucial to an accurate assessment (very similar to pediatricians examining a baby). As mobile veterinarians, we perform our physical exams in the peace of your own home, so we see your pet in the environment that he/she is most comfortable. Our stress-free approach allows us to observe your pet as they really are, without the anxiety-induced behaviors that may mask

symptoms of illness. Your veterinary provider will take your pet’s vitals, listen to their heart and lungs, examine their eyes, ears and mouth, palpate their abdomen, check their skin and hair coat, and evaluate their mobility. Your veterinarian will then discuss all findings with you and make recommendations to optimize your pet’s comfort and quality of life.

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