Frequently Asked Questions

Even when your pet is healthy, preventative health and wellness services are vital. When we choose to be proactive, issues can be avoided, which is why we are committed to practicing preventative care. See below to learn more about our services, prices and how you can help make a difference in the life of your pet.

Whether we’ve treated your pet before or this is the first time you are contacting us, we will feel honored to hold your hand during this difficult time. After you schedule an appointment, our veterinarian and registered veterinary technician will come to your home. Our veterinarian will initially perform a thorough physical exam and discuss with you, your desires and needs during the euthanasia process. Once you and the veterinarian come up with a plan together, our veterinary technician will have you sign paperwork and other required documentation. Our veterinary team will then place an intravenous catheter in your pet’s leg. This is a non-painful procedure, and simply allows the veterinarian to gain access to your pet’s blood stream for the most pain free and stress free experience possible. Our veterinary team will then allow you whatever time you and your family need together with your pet - often leaving you and your family private time while they wait outside. When you are ready our veterinary team will come back in. Because we believe in providing the most stress free and pain free experience possible, we will administer an injectable pain medication first.This may make your pet appear sleepy. Contact us for an appointment

Although we are often asked this question, it is difficult to answer without a full veterinary evaluation of your pet. Contact us for an appointment

If you choose, our veterinary team will take your pet to a pet crematory. You may choose private or communal cremation. The crematory will provide you with ashes from your beloved pet in a personalized and beautiful wooden urn. Contact us for an appointment

There are many reasons why a pet owner or pet may require or prefer and in-home veterinary visit - a pet owner is unable to bring a pet into a veterinary office, the pet is too sick to leave the house, the pet is too anxious to be in a busy veterinary office, or an owner is too busy to schedule an appointment and drive to a clinic. Whatever the reason may be, NeighborhoodVet is happy to come to your home. We can provide a stress-free environment for your pet with the same diagnostics and treatments you will find in a veterinary office. Contact us for an appointment

A palliative care visit is intended to support you and your pet during the difficult transition of stopping curative therapies for chronic disease. Our veterinary team will help you explore the world of supportive care in an effort to provide your pet with the most ethical solutions to treat pain and other symptoms of chronic disease. Contact us for an appointment

At NeighborhoodVet, we provide a service unlike any other company. We can provide you with in-home registered veterinary technician support for a critical or medically needy pet. After you request the care of an in-home registered veterinary technician we will make an appointment for your pet to be evaluated by a veterinarian. The veterinarian will review previous medical records and perform a comprehensive physical exam. You and the veterinarian will discuss the kind of care your pet requires and we will then provide you an in-home registered veterinary technician to help implement the care that your pet requires. An in-home registered veterinary technician can help you with oral and injectable medication administration, post surgical handling and care, bandage changing, and much more. Whether you are going out of town for the night or need daily assistance while your pet recovers from a surgery, we will be able to provide your pet with the care it needs. Contact us for an appointment

Telemedicine is used to triage and treat certain issues that your pet may be experiencing. Our veterinarians are able to use telemedicine consults to help pet parents discuss issues around palliative care and end-of-life decisions. Contact us for an appointment


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