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After spending many years in brick and mortar practices, Dr. Rose realized that the standard of veterinary care needed to change. Thus, she created a concierge-type health care program you can trust. By providing in-home services, our clients and their pets are able to avoid stressful car rides, bypass busy waiting rooms and speak directly to veterinarians. At NeighborhoodVet we value convenience, affordability and above all, quality care.

Over the years, NeighborhoodVet has provided several types of veterinary services to San Diego communities. We found that in-home palliative/hospice care for pets and end of life care (euthanasia) is where we are needed most. We know that navigating complex medical decisions and exploring all options for your beloved pet can be overwhelming. We are here to empower and guide you when making decisions on behalf of your pet’s wellbeing.

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